Joe Rotger

Joe Rotger

I was born and raised in Chile, but, for the last twenty years, sunny and friendly Puerto Rico has been home to me, my wife and my four children.

I’m civil engineer, managing the day to day operations of a daily newspaper.

I also dedicate part of my time to trading. Nowadays, I take my time to look for unique trading opportunities.

I started out this blog to leave a (modest) legacy of what I’ve learned, but along the way, I found that the exercise helped me to understand and shape my trading. You’ll often see me trying to find the foundations of the market, because I strongly believe this is the only way… —well, not really, I’ve seen mechanical trading systems make money—, but, it’s the way I like to trade, with both feet on the ground.

As it stands, the great recurring and dominant issue of our time is the Chinese labor arbitrage. You’ll see me fall back and talk a lot about its consequences and how it’s shaping our world.

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